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simplify your life + create space for your business


You want to start something, but you just can't find the time to make it happen. Sound familiar?

It's time to make your own magic.

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Finally, a digital course with real world value!

"Juggling work-life balance and making room for my passion, photography, can be tricky. I value the tangible advice, helpful tools, brilliant tips, and invaluable expertise shared in this course. After taking Jeni and Sandy’s lessons, I’ve successfully implemented their advice and started seeing rewards immediately... as if by magic!"

- J.R. Casey | Big Girl Camera

In just a few short hours, you'll learn how to find the hidden pockets of time in your day that will allow you to start and grow a brand new business.

MODULE 1: Prepare Yourself for Magic

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Your first step to simplifying your life and creating space for your business is to  open your mind to the possibilities that surround you. Everything may feel impossible right now, but, we promise, everything you need is available to you. We're showing you what it's like to create and grow a business and teaching you our magical mindsets that will help you with what's to come.  After Module 1, you'll be prepped and ready to start implementing our strategies. 

MODULE 2: Create Space for Your Business

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Where you work is just as important as what you're working on. No dedicated office? Neither do we. Learn how to create space in your home, no matter what your situation (and you'll learn our seemingly impossible situations and how we've built the companies we own).  Poof! It's like creating space out of thin air. 

MODULE 3: Find Hidden time in your day

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If most entrepreneurs actually had a magic wand, without a doubt, they'd use it to find more time in their day. That's the number one issue that prevents people from starting and building their companies. We pinky promise that the time you need is there and we're going to show you how to find those hidden hours (and even minutes) so that you can build what what you're imagining. You can cross off "time" as an excuse. 

MODULE 4: Prioritize Nourishment

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If we had a genie in a bottle, we'd both wish for a private chef. That hasn't happened yet. As we wait for our private chef to materialize, we're showing you our time saving tips for everything from making kids lunches to meal prep to quick breakfasts. We all know that nourishing ourselves is a necessity if we want to have the energy to build out businesses and stay healthy.

MODULE 5: Make room for Movement

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You may forget to move while you're working or going about your day. Our bodies used to remain in the same "sitting-in-a-chair position" for hours and hours and we've both learned the hard way that so much discomfort can be alleviated by simply building regular, gentle movement into our lives. Discover the strategies we use every single day to ensure that movement is an automatic part of our workdays.

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"I always overbook my life and when I learned that Jeni and Sandy are sharing their strategies about time management, I was in! I am serious about building my business so their mindset and productivity strategies are exactly what I needed to learn."

- Adele Fedorak |

MODULE 6: Plan like a pro

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True wizardry begins now! Planning how you spend your time each day is key to focus and seeing your business come to life. At the end of each day, we want you to be amazed at all the things you've tackled. We're sharing how we plan our days and weeks and lives and even give you a backstage peak at the tools we use to keep us on track. 

MODULE 7: Streamline your digital life

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Overflowing inboxes and cluttered screens not serving any of us . Minutes add up and matter when you are building, creating, and living life as an entrepreneur. We're showing you how to organize and declutter your digital life once and for all. 

MODULE 8: Cultivate curiousity

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Curiosity and business? Yes! This is one of the most important traits you can cultivate. Curiosity is our secret weapon and we'll explain why (in fact, it's one of our company's core values!)

MODULE 9: Automate + Outsource

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How do you decide what to focus your time and attention on vs. what you should have automated or outsourced? Our tendency, initially, was to try and do it all. (Yep, that didn't work for very long.) In the past year, we've learned to reframe our responsibilities, delegate tasks that didn't need our individual genius, and reinvest our time in the activities that are essential to the essence of our company.

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Sandy and Jeni are not just wicked smart but also great teachers. 

"My girl crush on these two amazing women keeps intensifying! I have listened to every podcast they've released and enrolled in every course they've offered but I always wondered how they did it all. This course explains it to me and I've found myself making subtle but impactful changes in my life. "

- Debbie | Certified Whole 30 Coach

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Our magic sauce

We are constantly asked how we do it all. Between us, we run two software companies, produce a weekly podcast, parent two precocious children, care for three dogs + two kittens, and tend to our husbands! It all works because of our mindset, systems, tools, and organizational strategies.

Starting and growing our businesses has been the most empowering thing we've ever done and we're determined to not let overwhelm and inefficiency prevent you from experiencing the same magic in your life.

add a little magic into your life!

Learn the Specific strategies we've used to build businesses while raising children, founding nonprofits, and launching a podcast. 

ONLY $97!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get all the modules right away?

Yes, you'll have access to all modules immediately upon purchase.

How long will I have access to the modules?

We promise, the course will not be in any disappearing acts! Once you purchase it, it's yours for life.

Where will I access the course's videos?

The course, including all bonuses, will be hosted on the Namastream platform. You will create your own login and password during the checkout process.